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100% Whey - the product that actually delivers 100% of its protein from whey!

100% Whey, the product that delivers 100% of its protein from whey

Today Reflex Nutrition introduces 100% Whey, a product made in the UK using only the finest undenatured EU sourced whey protein. As the name suggests 100% Whey contains only the finest undenatured whey protein, no added sugars, no amino spiking, no soy protein, its protein content is derived solely from whey protein.

The Reflex Nutrition company slogan reads “Tomorrow’s Nutrition Today™”, we are constantly pioneering in the field of sports nutrition and have been doing so since 1996 and we were one of the first companies in the world to start making whey protein supplements in 1997, it is fair to say there is not a lot we don’t know about whey protein.

Reflex Nutrition founder, James Phillips, explains about the quality of 100% Whey

“I’m a protein fanatic. Those who know me well understand my absolute commitment to producing simply the best protein powders in existence. I’m a firm believer in producing nothing but the best. However that only becomes possible, and a reality, when you know how proteins are manufactured and I don’t mean how they are mixed, blended or which flavourings or colours are used – but actually the very start point. I mean how whey protein is made from start to end. What is the quality of milk like that makes the cheese, where does it come from, do the farmers adhere to EU regulations and are the cattle free from banned antibiotics or growth hormones? What type of whey filtration is used? All of these factors play an important part in the quality of the whey that is produced and without that prior knowledge I personally feel it’s impossible to guarantee the final quality of whey protein. 100% Whey only uses EU derived whey protein from Dairies that we have been working with for a minimum of 10 years that use the latest technology. I’m therefore absolutely confident that the consumer gets a product that is of unbeatable quality, in fact I guarantee it.”

100% Whey packed full of branched-chain amino acids and lab tested for protein content

100% Whey contains over 5 g of branched-chain amino acids per 24 g of protein, arguably the most important amino acids for the athlete. The ratio of the 3 branched-chain amino acids are superbly balanced offering nearly a 2:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. Couple this with the fact that every batch is lab tested for its protein content to ensure that you receive 24 g in every scoop and its crystal clear why 100 %WHEY is one of the best whey proteins money can buy.

100% Whey is made in an ISO9001 quality controlled factory

Better still is the fact that every single batch is made in our own state of the art factory in the UK. Our amazing factory based in the Science Park, Woodingdean manufactures every single Reflex Nutrition product in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Control Procedures, in addition it also happens to be one of the only sports nutrition factories to be registered with HFL for Informed Sports Drug Testing.
100% Whey comes in a great range of flavours, mixes instantly and includes LactoSpore® Bacillus Coagulans friendly bacteria producing spores.


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Made in a facility which handles: Products of Crustaceans, V products of Eggs, Gluten and products of Fish.

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.

Serving Information Nutritional Information Per Serving Energy: 142 kcal / 603 kJ Protein: 24.5 g Carbohydrates: 4.8 g of which Sugars: 1.5 g Fat: 2.5 g of which Saturates: 1.7 g Salt: 0.17 g Amounts Per Serving Bacillus Coagulans (LactoSpore): 105 000 000 spores Amino Acid Profile per 100 g Leucine: 10397 mg Isoleucine: 5731 mg Valine: 5581 mg Lysine: 9029 mg Methionine: 1784 mg Phenyalanine: 3205 mg Threonine: 7216 mg Tryptophan: 1392 mg Arginine: 2684 mg Cystine: 2355 mg Glutamic Acid: 17129 mg Histidine: 1899 mg Proline: 5660 mg Tyrosine: 3012 mg Alanine: 4811 mg Aspartic Acid: 10635 mg Glycine: 1991 mg Serine: 5489 mg

Mix 35 g (approximately one heaped 60 ml measure) with 250 ml water or skimmed milk in a shaker or blender. Consume 2-3 servings daily.

The above are our recommended instructions for use; you may of course mix with more or less liquid to reach the desired consistency and taste. Product is best consumed immediately once mixed. Do not leave mixed product to stand or leave in warm environments for extended periods. The scoop included with the product measures by volume not by weight, for precise measurements please use measuring scales. This product is sold by weight not by number of servings.

A measuring scoop is included in this container but may settle to the bottom during transit.