Mountain Joe's High Protein Rocky Road x 1 Bar

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Quick description:

High Protein Rocky Road


  • Authentic Rocky Road Taste

  • 15g of protein per bar

  • 240kcal per bar

  • Low sugar

  • Non GMO ingredients

  • 3 great flavours



Mountain Joe's have been able to produce a Rocky Road Bar with only 240 calories, 15g of protein and with only 4.7g of sugar. These bars are very similar to homemade Rocky Road, but they have substituted biscuit for crispies but that seems to be it. You still get heaps of chocolatey taste, crunch and soft marshmallows in every mouthful.



With 15g of protein in each bar, these are perfect for after the gym or as a snack anytime of day, with less than 240 calories they won't derail your diet.



If you love Rocky Road (who doesn't like the taste of biscuit, chocolate and marshmallows!) and you want to some protein, then this bar is for you.


With 15g of protein and 240 calories in each bar, you would expect the bars to be small (which is what some other brands are doing to reduce the calorie content) but these are 55 grams, so similar to most bars, but because they use crispies they seem much bigger.

Rocky Road conjures up thoughts of rich chocolate, crunchy biscuit and soft marshmallow, and that's what Mountain Joe's have managed to produce but without the high caloies, high sugar and low protein. Available in 3 different flavours:


Chocolate, Crispies, Marshmallow


Chocolate, Crispies, Marshmallow and caramal fudge chunks

Peanut Butter

Chocolate, Crispies, Marshmallow, peanut/peanut butter and raisins

If love Rocky Road, but not the calories/sugar etc and what a high protein snack, then these are for you.